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by Tomas Feitoza Martins
iPhone Music Requires iOS 15.0


About AirScrobble

AirScrobble is a simple scrobbler for any songs playing around you. Listening to something on a record player? Enjoying the playlist being played during your coffee break? With AirScrobble, you can use your iPhone to quickly identify what's playing and scrobble them with your profile with just a tap!

Want to scrobble your new discovery later? Or just want to remember that song that got you hooked on earlier? You can check all the songs you've identified with AirScrobble on your history and save them to your profile

And there's more...

• Scrobble any matched songs for free, with no restrictions
• Customize your scrobble experience
• View your history and scrobble your discoveries at a later time
• Quickly add any new discoveries to your Music library
• With AirScrobble+, unlock your entire history and more exclusive features in the future...

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