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by Tomas Feitoza Martins
iPhone iPad Music Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0


About AirScrobble

AirScrobble is the scrobbler for what's playing in real life. Whether you're listening to your favorite vinyls on your record player, discovering new music on the radio, or checking out what's playing on your social media feed, AirScrobble is your go-to app to effortlessly discover what is playing and scrobble it to your profile.

With just a tap of the record button, AirScrobble identifies what's playing and scrobbles it to your profile. And if you've found a new favorite, you can easily add it to your music library or check it out later in your History page.

But if you're looking to scrobble entire sets and never miss a beat, AirScrobble+ is the way to go. Unlock the powerful Auto Match feature by pressing and holding the record button, and let the app continuously listen and scrobble to any new songs it matches. Stay on top of what's playing with the Live Activities widgets, available on your Lock Screen or in the Dynamic Island (requires iOS 16.1 or later, iPhone only). Plus, AirScrobble+ unlocks your whole match history inside the app.

And there's more:

• Enjoy an easy-to-use interface that won't get in the way of your musical discoveries.
• Start matching quickly by using the Lock Screen Widget (Requires iOS 16.0 or later), the Quick Action shortcut by pressing and holding the app icon or by asking Siri to "Start matching with AirScrobble".
• Sync your entire history through iCloud, so you can discover songs with your phone during the day and check them back later on the iPad's big screen (or vice versa!)
• Customize your matching and scrobbling experience through the many available settings, like setting the scrobble metadata or automatically scrobbling and adding songs to your library.
• Interact with's API through the included actions in the Shortcut app, so you can scrobble you can create automations to scrobble your songs from more places than ever before!
• iPad users can make use of the keyboard shortcuts so you're always a few keystrokes away from matching and scrobbling discoveries, alongside the support for Split View, Slide In and Stage Manager as well

Take your music game to the next level with AirScrobble. Download now and let the matching begin!

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