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Portra Cam

Film Camera

by Atasagun Kahveci
iPhone Photo & Video Requires iOS 15.0


About Portra Cam - Film Camera

With Portra Cam, you can shoot film on your iPhone using one of five amazing film stocks. All you have to do is select your film and take a picture, and Portra Cam will handle the rest! Portra Cam also has great features like Dreamy Mode for capturing magical moments, Aesthetic Compositions with unique composition grids, and more.

Portra Cam is designed for casual use, allowing you to concentrate on shooting photos rather than post-production photo editing. We worked incredibly precisely with the help of professional photographers to replicate every minor detail of each film stock. We paid close attention to general accuracy, colors, skin tones, and grain texture to obtain the authentic look.

Upgrade to Portra Cam Pro for full access to all features and unlimited film rolls with a one-time payment.

Portra Cam features:
– Five high-end film stocks (EKTAR, P160, P400, P800, 400TX).
– More than 15 aesthetic composition grids (PL, LL, rule of thirds and more).
– Dreamy mode for photographing magical moments (mist filter).
– Thumb-only user interface experience on all iPhones.
– Single point of interest film camera exposure system.
– Powerful image viewer for viewing the Portra Cam album.
– RAW, HEIF, and JPEG capture formats.
– Accessibility with VoiceOver and Dynamic Type.
– Support for landscape orientation.
– Capturing images without losing any EXIF metadata.
– Flash modes (on and off).
– Maximum image quality with image stabilization.
– P3 wide color support.

How does it work? Portra Cam uses image processing technologies to determine how a scene should be interpreted while taking pictures with one of the film stocks. When you take a picture, Portra Cam begins the development process. This means that Portra Cam's work environment is built on uncompressed image data, resulting in rich image data that enables Portra Cam to achieve the desired film stock look without sacrificing quality, in contrast to photo editing apps that work on previously compressed image data.

Portra Cam film stocks:
– Ektar 100 (EKTAR) is color film stock's Wes Anderson. The capability to produce vibrant colors in bright light creates visually appealing photographs with high saturation and crisp captures. It has super-saturated warm colors that make the colors pop, strong contrast, and beautiful detail, making it ideal for landscape photography.
– Portra 160 (P160) has the least saturated colors of the Portra Cam films and has extremely fine film grain. The Portra 160's skin tones are light and luminous, almost glowing. It's the film to use on bright days with direct sunlight.
– Portra 400 (P400) film offers the ideal balance of saturation, sharpness, and contrast, with just a bit of film grain to create depth. The colors are vibrant, and the skin is glowing. It is ideal for capturing everything from nature to travel to fashion. Vibrant colors, crispness, and warm skin tones combine to offer one of the most versatile rolls of film on Portra Cam.
– Portra 800 (P800) provides the same outstanding skin tones as P400, but with additional saturation and visible film grain. Its capacity to capture excellent photographs in low light and shadows separates it from other Portra films (160 and 400). It is good for photographing in low light, making it ideal for reception dinners, moody portraits, and blue hour landscapes.
– 400 Tri-X (400TX) film stock is a high-contrast black-and-white film. Contrasted monochrome photos accomplish their purpose; this film stock vividly captures every detail. Simply said, we enjoy a high-contrast black-and-white film.

Portra Cam - Film Camera is entirely powered by native APIs and frameworks.
Portra Cam - Film Camera includes one in-app purchase, a one-time purchase Pro membership to access all features and support the developer.

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