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Hello There

Greeting Cards

by rakTech LLC
iPhone iPad Lifestyle Requires iOS 16.0, iPadOS 16.0


About Hello There - Greeting Cards

"I hate throwing away cards, but also hate keeping them, so this is great!"
- @joshdholtz

“This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a long time!”
- @jmarcus93

"This is a clever idea!"
- @mattcassinelli

We’ve all experienced the thrill of getting a personalized letter in the mail. Hello There helps preserve the thought and care that went into your personalized card.

An App Store exclusive, Hello There is the only greeting card keepsake you need, whether you physically keep all your birthday cards, a few holiday cards, or none at all. It’s easy to index and reference cards from all occasions, from any sender, and enjoy them on your device.

Cards are added into beautifully themed folders, which can contain a featured image for the occasion. Inside your folder view, cards are presented in a whimsical interactive stack* or a powerful, smooth scrolling grid.

When adding a card to Hello There, you can capture the front, inside, and back of your card using your camera. Then configure the date it was received, who sent it, and any other pertinent details.

The real beauty of using Hello There are the many ways you can view and enjoy your cards. Cards can be filtered by who sent them, or by the occasion. They can even be added as widgets. These widgets cycle through your cards at random and are a joy to see alongside your other apps and widgets. Furthermore, lock screen widgets are available giving you fun, glanceable stats.

Because your privacy is of utmost importance, your card data lives on your device and syncs with your iCloud account. No personally identifiable information is ever collected or shared with the developer, or 3rd parties.

* Interactive Stacks exclusive to iPhone

== Hello There includes ==
• Native charts to display card stats
• Home screen widgets to put your cards on display
• Lock screen widgets to glance at card stats
• Live Text to interact with text on your cards (on supported devices; configurable)
• 2 folder viewing preferences: Compact and Maximized (iPhone only)
• iCloud sync for backup and syncing with other devices (Pro)
• Privacy as a first class citizen
• Search for cards based on description keyword
• Shortcuts integration to quickly jump to your preferred view
• Face ID / Touch ID support (Pro)
• Premium custom app icons (Pro)
• Customizable Theme Options (Pro)
• Native SwiftUI-built app for best-in-class experience and performance

== Perfect for every occasion ==
• Birthdays
• Holidays
• Graduations
• Thank you
• Babies
• Weddings
• Travel / Post Cards
• Valentines
• Invitations
• Father's Day
• Mother's Day
• Anniversary
• Thinking of you
• Get Well Soon
• Congratulations

== Terms & Privacy ==

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