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Daily Pattern Game

by rakTech LLC
iPhone iPad Games Requires iOS 17.0, iPadOS 17.0


About Echodots - Daily Pattern Game

Echodots is a delightful daily pattern game. Each day, a new 5-digit global sequence is displayed on the game board. Players have 5 chances to repeat it back in the correct order. Track your streaks, share with friends, and go for the win!

== Gameplay ==
• Focus your memory and pattern recognition by watching the daily sequence play on the color game board
• Repeat the pattern and double-tap your last entry to submit the row
• Use the feedback provided to determine if your guesses were in the right spot, the wrong spot, or not in the sequence at all
• Tap a wrong color? Tap the Undo button before submitting a row
• Need to see the sequence again? Tap the Echo button to rewatch the sequence. But be careful! Echos are a precious resource in Echodots!

Free to play
• Echodots is committed to delivering a delightful, uninterrupted experience, free of ads and subscriptions. For players seeking that extra edge, Echodots+ is available as a one-time purchase, offering immediate and lasting value.

Casual play
• Pick up and put down Echodots without worry of losing your progress for the day. Submitted guesses are saved and the path to victory is ready when you are.

Personalize your gameplay
• Fancy some audio cues? Prefer a high contrast game board? Adjust your gameplay as you see fit. Echodots+ players can customize gameplay even further. See details below!

Climb the ranks
• Claim your spot at the top by achieving the highest maximum win streak. See how you rank with friends and players around the world.

Share with friends
• Dominate the sequence on your first try? Sneak by on your final guess? Share your gameplay summary with friends and family without revealing the answer.

== Echodots+ Perks ==
Unlock the Echo Chamber: Go from the standard 3 Echos to a whopping 7 freeEchos every week. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned player, these additional Echos promise more gameplay, more strategies, and more victories. Newcomers will revel in an immediate boost to 7 Echos for immediate value.

Master Your Momentum: Gameplay too sluggish or too speedy? With the ability to tweak the sequence play speed from a deliberate 0.2x to a blistering 3x, you control the rhythm of your game. This means every session is tailored to your preference, making your victories always within reach.

Color Your Challenges: Elevate your experience with Exclusive Game Palettes, offering a fresh lens to tackle each sequence. Choose from a selection that includes calming Earth tones, the soothing Blues, the warm Reds, or the glowing Neon among others. Each palette not only changes the game's appearance but also brings a new mood and strategy to your play.

Personalize Your Home Screen: Your game, your icon. With premium alternate app icons, choose from distinctive designs to reflect your style right on your home screen. Whether you’re drawn to the sleekness of Dark, the unassuming Grays, or the inclusivity of Miniature, your app icon can be as personal as your gameplay.

Future Benefits: Gain new Plus features and perks with future app updates

== Accessibility ==
Echodots strives to be accessible to all players of all abilities. Features like sound effects, visual overlays, and custom sequence speeds means everyone can join in the fun.

Strategize with Numbers: Enhance your gameplay with a Number Overlay, allowing you to visualize colors with numbers for a different strategy approach. This feature is perfect for players who find numbers more intuitive, adding an extra layer of strategy.

Visualize with Sybmols: Elevate your experience with a symbol overlay, enabling you to visualize colors through SF Symbols for a visual strategic approach. This feature is ideal for players who find symbols more intuitive, adding an additional dimension of strategy. Symbols randomize upon toggling.

== Terms & Privacy ==

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