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Geofence and Beacon

by Bearologics UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)
iPhone iPad Navigation Requires iOS 14.1, iPadOS 14.1


About Locative: Geofence and Beacon

Locative is your privacy-aware location tracking app.

Set up locations using Geofences or Beacons and send webhooks (HTTP requests) whenever you enter or leave a location.

Whenever a location event is triggered, you’ll receive a notification about it’s success or failure. You can then inspect the requests result, such as HTTP response / status code and manually retry the request.

If you need to customize the payload sent to your server, you can use the Request Designer and change the payload by adding custom properties or using the built-in values. You can also share Request Designs with other people such as other members of your household.

Many home automation service providers are recommending Locative as their go-to app when it comes to location awareness.

Locative’s basic functionality will always be free. You may, however, book Locative Pro features.

Locative Pro can be purchased either as a monthly (3 days trial), annual (2 weeks trial) subscription or lifetime purchase. If you’re cancelling your purchase within the timeframe shown on the purchase screen inside the app, you’ll not get charged.

The purchase of Locative Pro - Lifetime - will grant you access to all upcoming Locative Pro - Features.

Terms of Service: https://locative.app/terms
Declaration of Privacy: https://locative.app/privacy

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