Supercharge your folders with SF Symbols 5.0 using Iconic.

By Vincent Neo • Oct. 29, 2023

Folders are something that Mac users interact with daily. From important documents to downloaded memes from the internet, many users are finding it hard to find the right files at the right time.

Labelling folders with icons

Folders in macOS can be labelled with a custom icon. This provides an opportunity for Mac users to customise by grouping files into folders with an icon that represents the contents well. With that, the next time when you are trying to find that important document, the icon labelled folders will guide you visually.

Iconic provides such functionality, all in one app. Users can design their own folder style and choose to set it to pre-existing folders, export icon files, or save new folders with the design of your choice. Now with the release of Iconic 1.2.5, macOS Sonoma users can even use any icons of the SF Symbols 5.0 set to classify their folders!