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Mac Utilities Requires macOS 11.3
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Iconic 1.3 released with support for new emojis and SF Symbols

Published: March 30, 2024


About Iconic

Finder Tags sometimes, aren't enough.
Categorisation, is often times, best done when you can personalise.

Iconic is an app that lets you generate folders with emojis, symbols, pictograms and images of your choice, so that you can personalise each folder you have, fitting each folder looks with what it contains.

Folders personalised can be shared around and viewed on different Macs.

To choose your own images for the folder, you can drag an image into the app.


Basically, any image format that can be viewed on the built in Preview app installed in your Mac, can be used in Iconic.

This includes formats such as JPEG, PNG, WEBP, PDF (first page will be used), AI, PSD, ICNS and more. (when tested on macOS Big Sur)

Alternatively, you may also use the emojis and Apple’s SF Symbols built into your Mac, as folder icons.

The SF Symbols can be further customised with the colour that you wish to use as/on your folder.

Afraid that you couldn’t find the one you want? You can search it too!

The chosen emoji, symbol, pictogram or image, can either be standalone or with the folder frame.

If you choose to have the folder frame, you can even customise further through the use of blend modes, giving a different look to what’s already unique as its own.

Save new folders, or refurbish previously created folders with a new look.

If you would like to export the icons instead, you can do that too! Iconic can export your creations to .icns, .png as well as .ico, so that you can share with your Windows friends.

Blue folders can be boring sometimes. Iconic lets you choose any colour to tint your folders to your liking!

Nothing gets out of your computer. Everything is local within your Mac. No internet connection needed.

No trackers, no spying, no telemetry.

It’s that simple.

Iconic is built and made by an individual from the small asian country of Singapore.
I hope you enjoy the app as much as I enjoyed making it.

Make your folders iconic and stand out from the boring blue defaults today!

I was made known after the release of this app, that there used to be another app in the past, that has similar functionality, coincidentally with the same name by another developer. Do note that this app is not related to the older app of the same name in any way or form, in case you are wondering.

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