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Train Island


Vincent Neo

iPhone Navigation Requires iOS 16.1


About Train Island

Ever wondered which station you're at, when seated in a packed MRT?

Train Island is a free app that tells you the station you're at, and the number of stations before you reach your destination, via Dynamic Island or Live Activities.

The app is also simple to use, with only 2 simple steps needed, before your MRT ride.
Simply plan with your origin, interchange and destination stations, click "Start" and exit the app!

Behind the scenes, the app launches a live activity and utilises your current location along with algorithms to provide the station information, of which, are all processed locally on your device.

NOTE: Train Island is designed for Singapore use only. It supports only Singapore's MRT system. For users living outside Singapore, but will be travelling to Singapore, feel free to try this out for your navigation needs.

◆ Dynamic Island & Live Activities ◆
On supported devices, Train Island supports the Dynamic Island, and provides an even more immersive and useful experience for your MRT journey.

When you're at the station, the current station's code is shown, on the dynamic island. Once the train moves away, the next station's code is shown and dims until you reach that station.

The Dynamic Island also shows the number of stations left, before you need to leave your current train. It tells you when you should leave the train to switch via an interchange, or when you reach your destination.

For all other users, the live activity provides even more information, in addition to the information shown on the Dynamic Island. It provides you with the station's name and the next and previous stations' name and code of the same line.

When you expand the Dynamic Island, you will also get the same experience as the Live Activity.

The Live Activity ends when you end a trip in the app. Please remember to do this to save battery life, once you reach your destination!

◆ App station info ◆
The app also shows the current/next station information, presented with a visual that shows the stations that you've planned.

Remember to end your trip, in app, when you reach your destination!

◆ Privacy ◆
Train Island is built with privacy as it's top priority. We know that nobody likes getting looked at or tracked by anyone, especially for an app that uses your current location extensively to process if you are at a station or moved from a station. 

Train Island, hence, processes everything locally on device, with station information stored on device as well. Your location info stays on your device.
When you end a trip in the app, location usage and any running Live Activity stops immediately.

All features of the app, does not require an internet connection, though an internet connection may help with location service accuracy.

◆ No Ads, and totally free! ◆
Train Island is totally free for anyone to use, and there's no ads or limitations either!
If you would like to show support for the development of the app, however, you could tip me in the app via In App Purchases!

Proudly Made in Singapore.

Train Island is made by a single developer in Singapore: My name is Vincent and I have made apps for a fairly long time now, including a popular weather app called Environment. I wish that my apps helps you in your daily life.

◆ Data source acknowledgements ◆
Train Island includes names and details of MRT lines and stations, named by the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA).

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