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Vincent Neo

iPhone Watch Social Networking Requires iOS 17.0
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Introducing Oxpecker, a Mastodon client for Apple Watch

Published: June 8, 2024


About Oxpecker for Mastodon

Oxpeckers are small birds that hold symbiotic relationships with certain animals such as giraffes, buffalos and elephants...
The app's named after the bird, as it pecks data on the federated elephant network, on the Apple Watch.

Oxpecker is a new Mastodon client, designed for the Apple Watch.

Oxpecker on the Apple Watch can work on its own, after the initial sign in via its companion iOS app. If you have a cellular plan, you can read and send Mastodon posts, just with the watch alone.

Unlike other clients for the Apple Watch, Oxpecker supports rendering of custom emojis in posts, represented as :shortcode: in Mastodon, bringing you the full browsing experience, like never before on an Apple Watch.

Oxpecker supports viewing of media attachments, such as images, video, GIFs and audio. Images can even be zoomed in and out, letting you see the details. Alt text can be read as well. If a post has more than one^ media attachments, Oxpecker displays it too.

Did your friend posted content with a link? Go ahead and click on it, to open a quick web preview to see what it’s about.

Needed to make a quick post on the go? Type and send it, directly with Oxpecker.

Fear of missing out? Fred not, as Oxpecker notifies you of the latest happenings of your Mastodon account, as it happens.

Prefer a larger font size, Oxpecker supports it. If necessary, Oxpecker goes one step further, by allowing you to scale the font size to your liking.

With Oxpecker, you can browse your home, local and federated timelines, view user profiles, #hashtag timelines, prior notifications, and comments of each post.

Polls in posts are supported, letting you vote^ for your preferred option.

Oxpecker is planned with more features to come in the future, with the goal of matching feature sets similar to regular Mastodon clients.

^Some features require an active subscription.
With a subscription, you would be able to send posts, view more than the first media of every post, vote in polls, reply, repost, favourite or bookmark posts, enable notifications, future feature updates, as well as to support the development and maintenance efforts to keep Oxpecker going!

Note: In order to use Oxpecker without an iPhone in close proximity, a cellular-enabled Apple Watch is needed, with an active cellular plan and connection.

App developed and designed in Singapore.

Privacy Policy: https://oxpecker.social/privacy
Terms (Standard EULA): https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

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