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iPhone iPad Watch Weather Requires iOS 14.1, iPadOS 14.1


About Environment

Singapore weather need not be complicated.

Environment aims to bring you uncomplicated weather info, not just on your iPhone, or on your home screen, but also on your wrist - on the Apple Watch, and now, even on your TV, via an Apple TV.

One should not have to scan through the entire app to find the weather condition reading, such as the Pollutant Standard Index (PSI), or even just the next weather forecast.

This is why Environment is designed to be simple and pleasing to use. Everything is clearly displayed and colour coded if suitable, for your ease-of-use.

NOTE: Environment is designed for Singapore use only. For users living outside Singapore, but wish to see Singapore's weather, feel free to have a look around!

View the latest PM2.5, PSI, UV index, temperature or humidity with weather forecasts, directly on your Home Screen and Lockscreen. Each widget can be set to display a weather condition reading such as the temperature, of a specific place, which you had added in the app.
This should bring even more convenience rather than to need to open the app each time.

All weather aficionados will know that, even if forecasts are as accurate as can be, nothing beats the ever-changing rain weather map, that showcases the intensity of a rain, at a specific region. While most apps in the market only support this feature on the iPhone, Environment brings it to your Watch for your convenience.

You can view up to 2 hours of rain map data on the watch by spinning the Digital Crown, or up to 4 hours of rain map data on your phone.

View it either for Singapore or nearby countries such as Malaysia or Indonesia using the new 240km range feature.

Furthermore, you can add mini rain maps on your Home Screen with the Rain Map Mini widget. Select a location to get a zoomed in focused map that shows only the rain condition that matters to you, or show rain condition for the entire Singapore. You can also customise whether to show a pin on your selected location, the colour of the pin, and other details.

View the past 24 hours of PSI, PM2.5 and UV indexes, presented to you on a bar chart.

The visuals of the app are designed to be simple, yet colourful enough for one to quickly glance at an element so as to get the information they want.

Not only can you view the rain map on the watch, you can also view Singapore’s average, and the temperature, humidity, PSI, UV, PM2.5 indexes of your current location or locations you’ve added on your phone, all, right in your watch. There’s also complications support!

Use your current location or add your own locations all around Singapore, to get the closest weather station’s data provided by local agencies for the best accuracy.

Easily compare key weather indicators, including UV, Air Quality, temperature and humidity, as well as current weather situations as provided by local weather stations between multiple locations that you have added.

Nobody likes getting looked at, or tracked by anyone. Environment only uses the internet when it needs to, such as calling weather APIs of Singapore, as well as Apple Maps for mapping and location search. That’s it.

Environment is free for everyone to use. No ads, no frustrations, no limitations.
You can, however, buy me a drink in the app, if you wish to show support for the development hours spent on this app!

Proudly Made in Singapore.

My name is Vincent, and I have been making apps locally for quite a while now. I hope this app will bring convenience and enjoyment to you.

NOTE: Environment is NOT supported/endorsed or affiliated by any local agencies, official entities or apps such as MyENV, in any way.

Environment uses only the local data sources listed below:
© National Environment Agency (NEA)
© Data.gov.sg
© Meteorological Service Singapore

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