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Mac Developer Tools Requires macOS 11


About ColourConvert

ColourConvert makes converting colours between programming languages easy.

How easy, you ask?

It’s just Three Simple Steps.
1. Paste your codes
2. Select the type that you want to convert to
3. Copy the result

It’s that simple.

No need to fumble with declarations of the type of language you’ve inputted. It’s all automated.
No need to convert one by one either. You may do so in bulk.
No need to select the converted text yourself. A simple button click will do.

Currently, ColourConvert supports 17 types of colour representations, with more to come in the near future.

These representations includes:
Web Platforms:
- # Hex codes (3, 4, 6 and 8 digit codes, in the form of # RRGGBBAA)
- rgb() and rgba()
- hsl() and hsla()
- hwb()
Apple ecosystem:
- UIColor RGB (Swift and Objective-C)
- NSColor RGB (Swift and Objective-C)
- Xcode Color Literal
- SwiftUI Color RGB
- CIColor RGB (Swift)
- CGColor RGB (Swift)

More ways to represent colour will be added progressively. You may also contact me, the developer of ColourConvert, via my email listed in the app’s Help menu.

Alternatively, there’s another, even more convenient way of converting colour representations.

ColourConvert uses macOS’ Service menu to deliver this.

Users can convert these representations, directly on native Mac text editor apps such as Xcode, TextEdit, BBEdit and more.

This can be done by simply selecting the colour representation in your text, and right click to select the conversion options in the Service menu.

Do note that, not all conversions are listed in the Service menu, and you many need to configure which you would like to show in the System Preferences app, Keyboard menu, Shortcuts > Services pane.

ColourConvert does not require any internet connection to use. Please do refer to the Privacy Policy at for more privacy related information.

ColourConvert can be used free, with limitations. Limitations are denoted with a lock icon in the app. You may unlock all limitations by purchasing a one-time full unlock, where they will enjoy all features in a single purchase.

Alternatively, you may also unlock all limitations by subscribing to ColourConvert. Subscription will auto-renew every month, unless cancelled.

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