Weathergraph adds a wide range of iOS 16 lockscreen widgets

By Tomas Kafka • Sept. 20, 2022

Weathergraph, an indie visual weather app beloved by outdoor explorers, adds lock screen widgets to stay in touch with the weather situation outside.

The new lock screen widgets include a graphical chart of upcoming weather, a text summary of upcoming weather, a precipitation widget showing the next upcoming rain, and many small widgets for individual forecast metrics.

Supported widgets

2x1 Large rectangular widgets

  • A signature graphical hour-by-hour weather forecast, with a configurable style (icons or chart) and zoom level
  • Text summary, with an icon of current conditions, temperature, location name, and a short summary of current and next weather conditions

1x1 Small square widgets

  • Weather icon - a plain icon of current weather conditions
  • Conditions and temperature - current temperature, gauge
  • Temperature and daily high & low
  • Wind direction and speed - an arrow depicting wind direction and wind gusts, together with a numerical wind speed is dream come true for kiters and surfers
  • Precipitation - actual precipitation rate
  • Dew point - actual dew point and daily minimum and maximum help understand the comfort level of weather
  • Humidity - actual dew point and daily minimum and maximum
  • UV index - watch for sunburns

Inline widgets for a header row next to a date

  • Conditions expressed as icon and text
  • Wind direction and speed
  • Precipitation shows current rain probability and amount when raining or snowing, or a time of next upcoming rain (if there is one on a 16-hour horizon)
  • UV index

The app with the lock screen widgets update is available at


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