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by Lcw Kremers
iPhone Health & Fitness Requires iOS 13.0


About Travaartje

Strava is the major community where athletes from all over the world share their workouts with other athletes. It provides a great app for iPhone, but if you’re recording your workouts with your Apple Watch then you might prefer to use Apple’s own Workout app on the watch.

For those of you who do, Travaartje provides the simplest and fastest way to upload those workouts to Strava, by reading the tracking and heart-rate data from HealthKit. This means that exporting is not limited to workouts recorded with the Workout app. Any workout visible in the Health app, regardless of how it was recorded, can be sent to Strava.

After a guided initial setup process uploading becomes a 2-step process: open tap and click the workout from the list of recent workouts.

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