Rules Shortcuts based on Event icon

Rules Shortcuts based on Event

by Armin Schoepf
Mac Utilities Requires macOS 13.0


About Rules Shortcuts based on Event

Run Shortcuts automatically based on your Calendar events.

Everything is based on simple Rules. When an event matches them, your selected actions will be triggered with input of your choice.
Enabling you to easily set Focus Modes during meetings, adjust lights and so much more. All based on your calendar.

Note: Rules can only trigger Shortcuts while the app and your Mac are running.

Rules can match combinations of these conditions:
+ Event Title
+ Location
+ Notes
+ Is All Day Event
+ Has Alarms
+ Is Canceled
+ Your Status
+ Your Availability (busy / free)
+ Start Time
+ End Time
+ Duration
+ Calendar

Rules integrates with Apple Calendar and works offline, keeping all your data on device.

Free version limits:
+ create up to 2 rules with all functionality

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