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Latest update notes

This version includes bug fixes and stability enhancements for PowerToYou on both iOS and Apple Watch.

Thank you for using PowerToYou!
Please leave an App Store Rating or Review if you're enjoying it!

Latest update notes

New Features
• New Lock Screen widgets for currency conversions and launching Morpho (iPhone)
• Mac menu bar app to quickly perform conversions on the fly (macOS Ventura)
• Import and export your conversion list for backup or to transfer between devices
• Instant temperature conversions with Weather integration
• Common temperature conversions available on temperature screen
• Ability to switch unit on single conversion screen

• Brand new plug icons
• Keypad tap sounds (respects the mute switch)
• Full name of language is now displayed for Spelled Out conversions
• Improved menus
• Added some additional colors for differentiating between categories for the Morpho theme
• Improved Appearance settings screen

• Tooltips now show full unit titles in narrow windows
• Value can now be cleared by C or Clear key, for those with extended keyboards
• Cursor will no longer blink when Morpho is not the active app
• Full screen is now disabled for utility windows

• Improved complications
• Improved syncing of conversions

• Common units for all countries are now freely available for all users. Tap a unit to quickly add conversions. Upgrade to Morpho Pro to unlock electrical information, illustrated plug types, calling codes, driving side, languages, and time zones.
• Alphabet scrubber for quick scrolling country list

• You can now easily add a conversion or reverse conversion from the unit screen
• More concise currency symbols
• If a rate is not available for a given currency the result will show as "Unavailable"
• Localized unit names for UK / Australia

• Fixed issue where right-hand pane may not update currency conversion automatically
• Fixed issue with location of São Tomé and Mauritius when viewing in Maps
• Fixed issues with custom font sizes

Latest update notes

Background brewing. AeroPress plunge guides. +14 more changes!

Background Brewing
This one’s for the multi-taskers. Want to send a quick message while your French press steeps? Snap a photo of that beautiful bloom? Brew Timer is now fully background-aware, so go right ahead!

And don’t worry about missing anything while you’re multi-tasking. Brew Timer will notify you shortly ahead of time so you can get ready for the next pour, bloom or press.

Head to Settings › Background Alerts to turn it on.

AeroPress Plunge Guide
A perfectly timed AeroPress plunge. Just the right speed. Even pressure throughout. So satisfying.
Is such a thing possible? I think so, and Brew Timer’s here to make it easier to achieve.

Now in any recipe with a timed “Plunge” or “Press” step, the app will show you where your water level should be to ensure you finish on-time. Just follow along for a satisfyingly consistent press every time.

Brew Timer will detect whether you have a classic AeroPress or a Go. Brewing tiny recipes in your classic? It’s just one tap to switch.

Tiny Things
• Added an option to always use Light or Dark mode instead of following the system setting. (iOS 13+)
• Added a new French Press recipe from Barista Hustle.
• Added Scott Rao’s recipe for the Tricolate brewer.
• Added the grinder name to each journal entry, for those of you with multiple grinders.
• Made it easier to add new steps when creating a new recipe. There’s now a … button in the bottom right so you can add a next step with a few less taps and scrolls. (iOS 14+)
• Added a new (exciting!) project to Labs. Check it out in Settings › Brew Timer Labs.
• Improved the detection of drawdown steps for total brew time. Please check that this doesn’t change your total brew times unexpectedly (tap the time at the top left of the step list and scroll to “View Steps”). Let me know if it does!
• Updated the Year in Review cards so you can click “See All” even when you have less than 4 roasters or varietals in a single year. Helpful to see how many coffees you had from each.
• Switch grinders a lot? The grinder list now shows grinders you’ve used recently at the top to make it easier.
• Brew with multiple grinders? You can now see how many times you’ve used each grinder in Settings › Grinders.
• Added a new option when you launch the app for the first time to get a reminder the next time you are planning to brew some coffee.
• Fixed a bug that prevented duplicating a coffee immediately after it was created.
• Fixed a bug where the Pour Compass wouldn’t display for the first step of a recipe.
• Fixed a bug where cooling reminders would not be shown in some rare edge cases, like if you had Brew Timer and Control center open at the same time.

Thanks for using Brew Timer!
I love to chat about the app (and coffee!) — shoot me an email at (Or Twitter @BrewTimerApp + Instagram @brewtimerapp)

Happy brewing!

Latest update notes

Another update to save even more memory, in order to let the widgets work without being quit by the system.
Please let me know if the widgets still wouldn't work for you.

Restore Purchases button on the iPhone should not spin indefinitely, and you should now be able to restore your purchases through iCloud. Please try first doing a restore of purchases on the iPhone, and then on the Watch. This way, purchases from the iPhone should sync to your iCloud, and then restore from iCloud to the watch, even if the restore process reports error. Which it seems to do - I reported the behavior to Apple.
Please note that you need to have the iCloud on for sync to work. Go to phone settings → your profile → iCloud → iCloud Drive → turn on Sync this iPhone.

FULL SCREEN VIEW 2.0 - open with tilt, rotate back to close. Or use the good old button if you like, and swipe away via the title bar.

- Daily min/max/precipitation lock screen widget. See the temperature range and precipitation total for the next 24 hours directly on your lock screen.

- Bezel complication on Infograph watchface can now be customized to show current weather, location name, or the min/max temperature and precipitation summary.

- Interactive daily forecast: Tap the day in the daily forecast to quickly scroll to its hourly forecast.

- You can now disable the Nowcast on Watch complication or phone widgets, if you prefer to only see it inside the app. Head to the Nowcast preferences for the switch.

- Wind direction now shows up as an arrow in details (below the chart) and tooltip (long press the chart). A double arrow will appear for wind gusts.
- Wind gust strength now shows up in details and tooltip.
- Fixed the bug with abnormal storage space usage - my apologies!

- Iconic: An additional lock screen widget with a simple icon style, to keep the lockscreen readable and easy on the eyes. Tap the widget in the edit mode to set how many hours or days you want to see.

Lock screen widgets! Ready for iOS 16 and Apple Watch Ultra.
- Two large widgets: A signature weather graph and a text weather summary.
- Inline widgets to tell you current conditions, wind speed, and direction, precipitation or time of the next rain, or UV index.
- Many 1x1 widgets for individual weather metrics.
All of that is available for iOS 16, plus a lot of bug fixes for everyone.
Oh, and Apple Watch Ultra support.

Apple's new Apple Weather service. Be the first to try the hourly forecast from Apple's new weather service. Hit the Preferences button and switch the forecast source. Nowcast will be meanwhile provided by the good & trusty Foreca.

Custom cloud styles. You can now pick one out of four cloud styles: clouds plus precipitation icons, just clouds, lightweight cloud style, or no clouds (and more space for the temperature chart). Thank you for the suggestions, Ian and Joe!

Dew point comfort scale. Enable humidity or dew point in the chart to see the feel for a given hour on a dew point comfort scale.

Interactive chart, just in time for summer trips! Need to know the exact conditions for a given hour? Long press the chart to show all the data, or press and slide your finger over the chart to “scrub” through the forecast.

Weathergraph is now also significantly faster, thanks to chart rendering using the extra cores your device has.

UV index: Weathergraph can now show the UV index chart, and will tell you about today's (or tomorrow's) UV index maximum in the details section. Green = low, yellow = moderate, red = high, and purple = very high.

And finally, a rain probability. You can now see both precipitation and precipitation probability with the Foreca forecast. Alternatively (also new), you can choose to see precipitation as an area chart instead of bars.

If you like the app, I would be thrilled if you could post a link or screenshot anywhere outdoor people like you hang out :).
Thank you! Tomas.


By Steven Troughton-Smith
iPhone iPad Watch Mac Apple TV

Latest update notes

• A completely-reimagined app for iPhone
• Enjoy album & track artwork in the brand new Now Playing UI
• Expanded support for metadata like song name and artwork (where available)
• A new Shazam (Beta) feature uses the microphone to let you fetch metadata and look up songs in Apple Music, letting you use Broadcasts as an ambient Now Playing screen on an iPad or TV screen
• A brand-new search experience that makes it easier than ever to search for stations around the world
• Customize station artwork with a new Artwork Chooser, packed with presets allowing you to use text, emoji, and colors to unify the style of your library
• New options to resume playback on launch, or specifically when using CarPlay
• A host of other fixes and improvements

Latest update notes

• Two columns legend: you can now split the legend in two columns. Useful for maps with a lot of items. Find it in Extras > Legend columns.
• EU IV map: fixed an issue with the Temes province.
• Poland map: fixed an issue with the Legnica province.

Latest update notes

Snippets can be activated through speech recognition by speaking while holding down the Paste button context menu. This is activated from the (...) button on the snippets screen but only available on iPhones with on-device speech recognition to avoid transmitting snippet queries for privacy reasons.

There is a new "snip" command used to quickly add new snippets from the terminal. You need to update the Shell Integration install for this to be available. Entering "snip !!" will add your last command as a snippet.

Search terminal with ⌘F or from Copy/Paste menu.

More flexible keyboard-interactive for Duo Two Factor authentication.

Fix bug where it wasn't possible to tunnel through a server authenticating with secure enclave key.

Create new sessions from context menu of session picker button.

Fix crash that could happen when uploading from share sheet.

Latest update notes

Version 4.1.6 addressed a few issues related to our data model:

* App might crash when waking up from the background. This was due to threading with data I/O. Fixed.
* App might not properly refresh when waking up past midnight. Fixed.

We are still working hard to improve PlantPal and bring you more features. Thank you for your support!


Previously—PlantPal 4.1 is here to help you even more—

#### Photo Reminders ####

PlantPal reminds you to take a photo of your plant as a progress report. Take note of your plants’ growth and the photos will become cherished memories in the future!

You can also lower the frequency for PlantPal’s photo reminder, or have it turned off completely in Preferences.

#### To-do List Improvements ####

When you time travel and see what’s due on a future date, PlantPal makes it easy to jump back to the present. You will see a message telling you that you’re seeing the future so you don’t forget.

We also made improvements to the To-do List. It’s buttery smooth to scroll across from top to bottom.


We hope you’ll enjoy this update! Feel free to get in touch if you have any suggestions or feedback.

Now… A recap for Version 4.0—

#### Widgets ####

PlantPal now has widgets!

Tasks Due Widget: Tracks tasks that are due for the day. It also gives you a “Hooray!” when you complete them all!

Photo Widget: Surfaces photos from months or even years ago, so you can see how much your plants have grown! Tapping the widget also brings you into the app so you can share the photo easily. Available in three sizes for any layout you may like.

#### To-do List Improvements ####

Progress Bar: In To-do List, now you have a progress bar to tell you how much you’ve done for the day, and how much you have left.

Time Travel: See tasks due by a certain date in the future—a week from today, two weeks, or a month—perfect for when you need to be away for a while, and you can see what you need to get done before you leave.

Default View: Choose to show tasks due today, or today+tomorrow as a default. Optionally, include suggested tasks in your To-do List when you launch PlantPal.

#### Plant Catalogue Improvements ####

We have a new mechanism to handle fuzzy search terms. Now PlantPal’s catalogue is a lot more tolerant when a typo happens.

We also added a few dozen common houseplants to the catalogue, and made up photos for a few dozen more.

#### Charted Tasks ####

On iOS 16, PlantPal Pro users can see the trend of their tasks. Helps you answer questions like “Does this plant need more water recently?”

Latest update notes


- Improvements to the home screen
- Fixed the display of sorted information
- Accelerated the application

If you have any suggestions or questions, I look forward to your comments!

Latest update notes

We recently added a new “Blue on Black” theme, new alternative app icon options, article action improvements, and more.

This update adds these improvements:

• The “Add Subscription” screen will now discover the RSS feed associated with a Tumblr blog when a Tumblr blog URL is entered. Similarly the “Subscribe to Unread” share sheet extension will now discover a Tumblr blog’s RSS feed when invoked while visiting that blog.
• This update fixes a bug that caused article unread counts to be displayed incorrectly under some circumstances.

If you enjoy using Unread please consider purchasing a subscription. An Unread Subscription unlocks custom app icons, article actions, caching of webpage text and images, and more.

Latest update notes

In this update:

- Fixed a bug where ITV 1 wasn’t showing programmes in the TV Guide.

In version 1.4.3 & 1.4.4:

- ITV Hub is now ITVX.

- Added additional options for the TV Guide, such as only showing favourite channels.

- Fixed a bug impacting scrolling performance on Now & Next and Full TV Guides.

- Other bug fixes & improvements.

In version 1.4:

- Added the option of viewing a full TV Guide as well as Now & Next. Please note, due to the amount of data, scrolling may be affected depending on device.

- ITV has been renamed to ITV.

- All ITV channels have been updated to reflect their new branding.

- Added the option to set your region that is more granular than just England (e.g. London, West etc.) so the TV Guide shows local information for BBC One.

- Changed the TV Guide source so listing should load faster and more reliably in the TV Guide. This has also resulted in even more of the channels having listings now too.

- You can now long press on channel icons in the TV Guide to add them to your favourites.

- Added a What’s New screen to show changes between major updates. This shows up automatically when opening the app for the first time after such an update but can be accessed from the Settings screen too.

- Added a new section header toggle to hide or show titles for sections.

- Tidied up the layout of settings so options are easier to find and not so crowded.

- Updated the design of buttons and other UI elements.

- Other bug fixes & improvements.

If you like this app, please take the time to leave a positive review! Having issues? Get in touch:

Latest update notes

• German localisation including Help.
• Improved interaction when moving/renaming a file with saved Touch ID passwords.
• %C Copy keyboard shortcut will also copy historical passwords (provided the password history tab is visible).
• Opening multiple Touch ID enabled safes (on app startup) now works correctly.

If you are having any problems using SamuraiSafe - please let me know.

Thank you to those that have posted reviews. - Michael