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Latest update notes

The one with the wave

You can now add brews with the Kalita Wave, and input with minutes&seconds.

The new stuff:
- The Kalita Wave is now supported.
- You can now enter times in minutes and seconds. Use the toggle in settings to enable this feature.
- Lil' timer is now easier to read with a little border around it.
- If you press and hold on it, you can clone a coffee.
- When adding a coffee you can optionally add a blend, just select blend as the origin type.

The bug fixes:
- Decaf brews will no longer track any Caffeine ( thanks Calix! )
- Fixed a crash on launch on some versions of iOS.
- Blends will now always save ( thanks David! )
- You won't have issues with duplicate review requests anymore.

Thank you for continuing to support Coffee Book.

Latest update notes

Bike 1.10 adds printing support, quicklook previews, and icon thumbnails.
Please try this release and leave a rating if you like what you see.

• Added printing support
• Added icon thumbnails in Finder
• Added Quicklook previews in Finder
• Added Edit > Copy > Copy Displayed
• Added "New Document" to Dock menu
• Added preference to disable font scaling
• Added support for capture groups in find/replace
• Added extra top margin in typewriter mode
• Improved text count performance in large outlines
• Fixed to disable accidental text editing in outline mode
• Fixed find count display when doing find/replace
• Fix animation when entering typewriter mode
• Fix animation flashing when inserting new rows

Latest update notes

- Fixed an issue with Widgets on iPad mini
- Fixed an issue with Widgets actions on iPad
- Fixed an issue with Space counter that didn’t update in some circumstances

Movie Tracker is developed by an indie developer. I’m happy to receive feedback and feature request. If you like the app, leave a review. If you need help, write an email to


Latest update notes

Added a Text Format Field Type; Upgraded Note Selector to Include Collection Shortcuts; Added a Check to Prevent a Note titled 'Template' from being Added; Fixed Some Problems with Backlinks; Added Web Page as a Standard Work Type; Added Command to Generate a Bibliography; Added New Field Type of Display-Seq; Heading Centering Can Now be Set in Display Settings; Font Family and Size Can Now be Separately Set for Headings; Paragraph Margins Modified; Added New Derived Variable; Startup Completion Signaled Earlier in Process.

Latest update notes

I've got more improvements so you can keep sending notes to yourself:

- Added a new home screen widget with audio note and text note actions.
- Added the option to start audio recording automatically when the App starts.
- Added the option to add audio and haptic feedback on the Watch App.
- Added a way to select a Mail App to send feedback.
- Added the option to share anonymous analytics data to help improve the App.

#### Improved
- Improved background networking when sending a note.
- Improved localizations on the Watch App.
- Improved styling on the What's New screen.
- Updates ContextSDK dependency.
- Fixes missing color in the send spinner view.
- Improved tip styling.
- Improve original App icon.
- Fixed issue with share extension notes getting stuck.

Love the app? Rate it! Your feedback helps me to make the App better every day!
Any questions? Contact me via I'd love to speak to you. Thanks!

Latest update notes


I am thrilled to announce the release of this new version 1.2.7, which includes some amazing new features and improvements based on user feedback.

I have added a relock iPhone feature after using the Lock Screen widget, a roller blinds/shutters position dimmer, a new shortcut action, and more. I am grateful to all of you for your continued support, and I hope these new features will make your experience even better.

Please make sure to update your device's operating system to the latest version to take advantage of the relock iPhone feature.

I also want to take a moment to ask for your help in spreading the word about my app. Marketing an app can be challenging, and I would be grateful if you could share the app with your friends and family, leave a review on the App Store, and help us reach more people who could benefit from my app.

Here's what's new in version 1.2.7:

- Adds a relock iPhone feature after using the Lock Screen widget (last iOS version only. Please update your device OS).
- Adds a dimming action type for roller shutters/blinds. You can now precisely position the opening position using the slider.
- Adds the roller shutter/blind's current position on button items (like for dimming lights).
- Adds a new "Launch Shortcut (without return)" action to launch actions like opening the TV remote, locking the phone.
- Improves the "Toggle - Dimmer" cinematic so that when a lamp goes from ON to OFF state, you have a delay to slide the dimmer and cancel the toggle OFF action.
- Improves the behavior of manually reducing the app.
- Fixes an offset issue on the panel carousel.
- Improvements and bug fixes.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to continuing to improve the app for you."

Latest update notes

That’s New in Version 3.19:
- Improved Grade list
- New weekly timetable
- Compact due date picker for homework
- Improved Apple Watch app behavior
- Stability improvements

If you have any problems fell free to contact me via

Latest update notes

・Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

・Add Simplified Chinese (zh-Hans) support.
・You can now enter exchange rates manually and set them as default if needed.
・The current exchange rate (fixed) is now the default rather than automatic updates.
・Improved Export option.
・Moved Transfer option to the input view.
・Fixed a bug that could prevent you from deleting a sheet.
・Fixed an issue where the transfer deducted money on both sheets unexpectedly.

Latest update notes

New in this release:

- Instantly transcribe audio clips with one tap for clarity and comprehension!
- Translate selected words and expressions directly in the app for focused study.

We hope these enhancements improve your learning experience. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Latest update notes

Welcome to Flippy 6.4, the flashcard app that's so good, it'll make your brain do a happy dance. And if your brain can't dance, well, that's okay too. We won't judge. We're just here to help you learn in the most efficient and entertaining way possible. So strap on your thinking caps and get ready to flip your way to knowledge.

Some of the additions in 6.4:

* A toggle was added to turn off spaced repetition. You're welcome.
* Our new UI for training sessions is so sleek, it's basically like having a personal trainer for your brain. Except without the annoying motivational phrases and abs you could grate cheese on.
* Our updated algorithms are like the superhero version of the old ones. They're faster, stronger, and have way cooler outfits.
* We've improved the upload to iCloud so much that you could practically launch your flashcards into space. Just remember to pack a spacesuit for them.
* Many bugs were fixed

Latest update notes

== New ==
• Automated card detection, capture, and cropping when adding a card using the camera
• Hashtags -- an easy way to cross reference cards by topic or theme (Pro)
• New default view shows more information at your fingertips
• Rebuilt library photo selection using Apple's newest PhotosPicker API
• Up to 10 images per card (Pro)
• Three all-new premium icons courtesy of Basic Apple Guy: Basic, Basic Blue and Basic Fire (Pro)
• All new pinch-to-zoom experience -- double tap to zoom in, drag your finger to pan around, etc
• Manage your subscription right inside the app
• Online Cover Photos are now cached locally for collections that use them
• Users can now sort all cards by oldest to newest/newest to oldest
• New Reddit community available for sharing great cards, experiences, and community support: /r/HelloThereApp

== Improved ==
• Max View now scrolls vertically instead of horizontal Tab view
• Improved alerting for devices that don’t support Live Text
• Improved Lock Screen launcher widget
• Improved image quality of cards added with the Camera
• Improved Cover Photo online image search

== Fixed ==
• Fixed widgets that would fail to load images in some cases
• Fixed an issue where marking a card as favorite might not save across app launches
• Fixed the sender filter spacing
• Fixed an issue with the Sea Foam app icon
• Fixed ghost touches on iPad
• Fixed mismatched collection text formatting
• Removed unavailable apps from rakTech App Ads

Latest update notes

Get ready to add some color to your life with the help of AI! With just a simple sentence, you can now generate stunning color palettes that are sure to inspire your creativity. Whether you're looking to revamp your home decor, spice up your wardrobe, or bring some life to your graphic design projects, this AI-powered tool has got you covered. Say goodbye to the hassle.

Now with shortcuts. Open the shortcuts app on your iPhone/iPad and use the AI generator shortcut. You can use the output to save the image to your photo library or to set a wallpaper. try it out!