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Latest update notes

• Select token as profile picture
• Select ENS as display name
• Login / Register with Ethereum wallet

Thanks for being a member of the Veep community. Join our public Discord channel for concerns, suggestions, or feedback. Email for more assistance.

Latest update notes

With this update Magic has become near!
– In-app language selection menu was added
– Have friends in France? Share the app with them! French is here!
– Mute the music with the in-app button
– Icons were updated! And now they are stunning!

Latest update notes

• Tap the "Open image" button in the extension modal to extract an image from a web page and open it in a new tab
• Detect alternative image sizes, the feature can be enabled from the extension's options

Latest update notes

We have 3 important news in this release:
1. We have improved how the completed state is displayed on items.
2. Now you can add Apps to Listy with our new Apps category.
3. Add notes to attach additional information to your items.
We always listen to your feedback and we try to prioritise and align your suggestions with our mid-term strategy, so please keep reaching out.

Latest update notes

Here's a delightful update featuring a bunch of nice improvements/bug fixes:

- An insane amount of gorgeous new Ultra icons from some incredibly talented icon designers, probably my favorite bunch of icons in awhile!
- Fixed bug with Face ID/Touch ID
- Fixed bug where rules weren't showing up in sidebar
- Fixed a visual bug where it seemed like you could edit the text in a comment you're replying to
- Fixed bug where some table heavy threads could crash, specifically in subreddits like r/LeagueOfLegends
- Fixed bug where some links (especially those with some strange characters) wouldn't operate properly
- Fixed issue where some Reddit awards weren't showing up
- Fixed bug where swipe gestures could conflict with wide Markdown tables
- Fixed bug where sometimes titles couldn't be selected in Select Mode

- Christian

Latest update notes

- New: QR Code Studio - The end of boring QR codes in black and white. Now create QR codes with background image and icons in all possible colors.
- Improved: An entry marked for writing is now better visible in the list in the NFC tab.
- Improved: The buttons in the QR and barcode camera are now more recognizable.
- Fixed: When creating a text, it is now possible again to edit in the middle of the text without the cursor jumping to the end of the text.
- Other bug fixes and visual adjustments.

Latest update notes

Version 2.0 is Find’s biggest update yet!
• Photos. The algorithm now delivers results instantly.
• Camera. Now with zoom, panning, and landscape support.
• Lists. Completely redesigned from the ground up.
• Search bar. Add multiple bars and filter lists automatically.
• Settings. Manage preferences in a brand-new interface.
• Landscape mode. Use the app in any orientation.
• Launch time. Find now launches almost 2x faster.
• iCloud support. Download and search for photos stored in the cloud.
• And much, much more — see

This version also adds support for Display Zoom.


By Agile Tortoise
iPhone iPad Watch

Latest update notes

"Create Draft" action step, and misc. bug fixes.

Complete details on new features, bug fixes, and related documentation visit "What's New" in the app's setting, or:

Latest update notes

Looks gallery - pick one of preset chart looks for a quick start, then customize the chosen one as you need.

Brand new legend that explains everything, including the newly added metrics. Long overdue, thank you for your patience!
Improved iPad chart looks. Fixed the snow chart to be visible on all themes in light theme. Updated legend to explain all new features.

Keep it simple with the new iconic theme, or add as many metrics into the chart as you like.
UV index: Weathergraph can now show UV index chart, and will tell you about today's (or tomorrow's) UV index maximum in details section. Green = low, yellow = moderate, red = high, and purple = very high.
And finally, a rain probability. You can now see both precipitation and precipitation probability with Foreca forecast. Alternatively (also new), you can choose to see precipitation as an area chart instead of bars.

Six-hour zoom level for widgets and watch complications - long-press the widget and tap Edit Widget to pick a zoom level.
Also fixed automatic forecast updates on watch, and improved forecast texts.
Last but not least, made widgets usable for non-Pro users again, with a tiny promo bar at the bottom instead of the overlay message.
Plus small fixes (nicer nowcast layout in a widget is the most visible one).

Weathergraph visuals now shine brighter and fit better with other iPhone apps.
Widgets got a new background that fits a large scale of wallpapers on your homescreen.
New Ultralight and Gradient Outline themes await you in a theme picker - a brilliant choice for the minimalistic homescreen.
And all other themes got a bit of spring cleaning to make them more delightful and easier to read in both light and dark mode.

Weathergraph now displays atmospheric pressure.
Pick one of the two visualizations:
- the line works great to see the absolute pressure development over time
- arrows clearly illustrate a rate of change

And before that:
- New 12 and 18 hour zoom levels for app, all widgets and complications!
- Beaufort wind scale option for Dutch, meteorologists, and everyone else who prefers it - set it up in units preferences.
- If Weathergraph is running, it triggers a forecast check on a connectivity change - so you will get a forecast update the moment your iPhone or Watch connects to wifi. This could help T. and many other adventurers and field workers (thank you for the suggestion!).
- A button to leave a review on the App Store - thank you!

And initially:

After a year and a half on everyone’s wrist, Weathergraph goes to the big screen. Enjoy the visual hourly weather forecast on your Watch, iPhone, iPad, and M1 Mac, and keep an eye on the weather with one of three widgets and numerous watch complications.

I am as thrilled about the launch as many of you are, and I am sure you have ideas about where the Weathergraph could go - please let me know!

And if you like the app, I would be thrilled if you could post a link or screenshot anywhere outdoor people like you hang out :).

Thank you! Tomas.

Latest update notes

In the version we bring Quick Find to iPhone. You can also use keyboard shortcuts on iPad!

- Add Quick Find to switch list or search for documents.
- Support keyboard shortcuts on iPad. ⌘ + F to invoke Quick Find!
- Support drag-an-drop to sidebar to add to collections.
- Support long-press to show context menu in sidebar.
- Support changing default lists’ icon and color.
- Support add to collections for multiple documents.
- Show colored title in List Widgets.
- Allow selecting inbox and collections simultaneously in Smart List.
- Reorganize toolbar.
- Improve link detection accuracy.
- Fix Show List shortcut not working.
- Fix some minor issues.

If you enjoy Anybox, please consider leaving a review in App Store so that more people can know us and we can continue to make the app better.

Anybox has a rich set of features. You can learn more at our website:

Feel free to contact us via Email or on Twitter if you have any questions.

Twitter: @anybox_app

Latest update notes

Further improvements to GitLab authentication.

Includes major changes from 5.2.0

Protect your data with the Screen Lock that blocks access to the main app, Shortcuts actions, Files app and share sheet extension until you enter a passcode or authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID. Screen Lock is configured inside settings.

This is meant to protect from mistakes by children and friends borrowing your iPhone or iPad. Having a strong device passcode and keeping your device locked is safer as repositories, passwords, authentication tokens and ssh keys are stored using data protection measures in iOS and only readable when device is unlocked.

Screen Lock is a Pro feature available to everyone purchasing the Pro Unlock within the last 12 months.

GitLab authentication upgraded to Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) replacing Implicit grant flow that has recently been disabled.

Latest update notes

"Create Draft" action step, and misc. bug fixes.

Complete details on new features, bug fixes, and related documentation visit "What's New" in the Help menu, or: